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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gaunt Snippet

I'm two-thirds complete with the sixth revision of Gaunt Rainbow and have revisited an especially delicious scene. Pamela (AKA Rainbow) has already encountered monsters. Pazuzu now comes to solicit her help. Yep, Pazuzu is in this one too. Dil Cortras is also here. And so is a reincarnated Josiah Ioannu. If I was Kurt Vonnegut, I'd put this stuff right at the beginning...

PS - a little ambiance ...

Gaunt Rainbow Ambiance by M Sawyer

The overhead sun casts squat shadows leaning slightly toward Pamela’s right – though not the shallow pond shed by her messiah. His shade remains fixed in its shallow puddle. The dormant shadow pools on top of his feet. Its dark intensity makes him appear as if he's sunk up to his ankles.

She gathers an odd perception of his amorphous cast. Its darkness seems alive, like an extension of himself or simply another arm. But, even this observation was too specific. The shadow behaves more as fat stored in a lizard's tail, or the overfill of a soul inside a body too small.

“There is a war in heaven,” he tells her. “Hell has consumed this world. You have seen the demons who linger. The time has come to send everyone into oblivion and start again.”

“You’re destroying this world?”


I'm not done yet, but I'm on track to have this revision finished before November. After this, I've got to got re-shingle Debbie's Hellmouth. The holes in her roof need to get patched.

Best Gaunt Rainbow Animated Gif

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