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Sunday, November 18, 2012

This Thanksgiving, Feed Debbie's Hellmouth

Debbie's Hellmouth

The second revision of Debbie's Hellmouth is complete - new cover art! The ebook is available at Amazon, see the paperback at LULU.

Debbie's Hellmouth is the insular urban horror story of Debbie Menon. She's a good real estate agent at the Mikelmeier Real Estate office there is Wister Town, Wisconsin. Debbie has a house for sale and she's got to get rid of it. Supernatural forces press upon the young lady and she fears she looses her mind. Understand, Ms. Menon is a sensitive, artistic soul. She's not unfamiliar with magical glyphs. And she'll resort to using one if no one helps her blessed the cursed Witch's house.

Curious about the mythology haunting Wister Town? Read the background stories...

Horrid Tales of Wister Town - free online reading

A Codex of Malevolence - available at Smashwords and LULU

Portal Painter

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