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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Evil in This One

If readers feel vague about Hen Cortras from my Pazuzu Trilogy - if they encounter any pang at all about the younger Cortras - I can assure them the impression is intentional. Although he is genuinely stupid, Hen is not brassy like his older, alcoholic brother. The sins of Hen Cortras are more surreptitious and not only because Dil had often beat the young man senseless.

I'll just tell you what his problem is - Hen Cortras is a pedophile. This behavior is what Dil warns his brother against when Pazuzu returns the older Cortras to Saint Erasmus. His warning is as overt as I get regarding the subject. I'm scared about saying more. Publishers draw a strict line and this subject is taboo. Although I self-published my trilogy, I still have vain dreams of finding a professional publisher who will promote my epic all the way to the box office. So, my iron breeches remain locked.

Before the first 2009 printed edition of the first half of the trilogy, I had edited-out more blatant references to the man's abhorrent behavior - things such as Davey Ikraam appearing without clothes or dropping hints about the "fun" he and Hen would have alone. Davey likes that Dil is usually absent and Benedict Gage suffers an ambulatory coma. The boy falls right into Hen's stiff lap.

Lately, I've obsessed about adding the material back. After so many revisions of my Pazuzu Trilogy, my hopes and fear are fading. Besides, I've written nothing considered 'R' on the MPAA film rating scale. And anyway, as most blog readers will have remembered before I finally address the point. Vladimir Nabokov published Lolita in 1958 in New York. I'm not walking on fresh ice and certainly not in the Shur.

Matthew Sawyer's Pazuzu Trilogy

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