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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Always A Step Ahead and Stranded Two Leagues Back

It's only now occurred to me, my story Gaunt Rainbow was a premonition of Clara Oswald from the seventh season of the rebooted Doctor Who television series. Now, my story has nothing to do with Doctor who, but there are elements my character Rainbow shares with Ms. Oswald. Multiple incarnations, for one. A story that stretches across time is yet another. And Clara and Pamela are also two cute, little brunettes full of self-sacrifice and face incomprehensible peril.

This isn't the first occasion a story of mine has presaged more popular media. Way back in college, I wrote a short horror story called Pumpkinhead. By the time I graduated, Stan Winston had my same ideas and made a movie about the monster. And good for him - I liked it a lot and those sequels, too.

Loosely speaking of story ideas transcending their pages, the end of a relationship with an ex-fiancee was a Greek myth. We were Pirthous and Persephone. And those who know would say in this analogy I compare the woman's husband to Hades, god-king of the underworld. Oh, I do and I say I am Pirthous and I am petrified - trapped in some strange Purgatory. All I do here is tell tales of the absurd horrors I watch in the cold cellar of the world. I'd appreciate some company in the spectral shape  of readers.

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  1. I console myself with fantasies about myths. I believe Persephone wishes all the while to betray her husband and see the surface once more. And I wish it.