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Saturday, September 14, 2013

No God. What Does That Even Mean?

No Alien Gods

There is no God. What does that statement even mean? The question itself is as intimate I ever broach myself. My Pazuzu Trilogy addresses the candid topic with fiction. In that epic tale, I illustrate examples. I show what I mean when I claim God has abandoned the world. And because I draw doubts, I hope readers are inspired and ask even more questions.

Below are those queries I hopefully suggest in the first two books. Names and places have changed consequent the previous two-volume revision entitled The Waste. That limited edition print had been written under my pseudonym Mr. Binger. Regardless, those questions are...

Why do readers never meet Colonel Onesiphorus?
Why does Captain Josiah Ioannu die so quickly?
Why are priests dying of methamphetamine?
Why do readers never meet any of the interchangeable Popes?
Why does Yehowah give command of heathen death squads to his chauffeur?

The answer to each, frankly, is because there is no God. His absence is perpetuated in the world of the Shur and there is no leadership. There is no one in command, not even in heathen ranks. Ultimately, all endeavors end in failure. Hierarchies decay to ruin.

Pazuzu Trilogy readers must remember even as the story unfolds the Shur desert is yet eroded by generations of war and drugs. This is why these two plagues are addressed right there in the Prelude. These two circumstances have driven away the Creator. Alien gods quietly arrive in His stead.

That Prelude is not false-start. The pages relay information readers ideally ingrain before they begin the story. Now I'll admit, those aren't the only supplies that must be stocked for this expedition into Purgatory.

Oh, for the sake of an absent heaven, the whole first book in the Trilogy is sodden with background and tone. Manifestation is the first novel I authored. I've come back and written the whole trilogy again and again but I am not not inclined to change its core. This is the original story. The Pazuzu Trilogy is exactly as I told myself. And dear reader, there is the ultimate consequence of of no god.

Matthew Sawyer

Matthew Sawyer's Pazuzu Trilogy

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