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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Plagiarized Forgery Of The Chosen Gospel - Chapter One

The Plagiarized Forgery Of The Chosen Gospel

Mr. Binger

The Plagiarized Forgery Of The Chosen Gospel by Mr. Binger is a fictionalized revision of the Gospel of Mark in the Christian Bible. All characters, names and locations are taken from multiple versions of the religious volume. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is tragically dramatic.

The Plagiarized Forgery Of The Chosen Gospel by Mr. Binger is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Please contact Matthew Sawyer for permissions beyond the scope of this license.

The Chosen Gospel is based on the Gospel of Mark in the Christian Bible. It is neither a parody of scripture, nor sacrilegious toward any part of the Bible or Christianity. Rather, it reflects a parallel reality, what possibly the Jude-Christian religion looks like in a world in which God abandons His creation.

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The Plagiarized Forgery Of The Chosen Gospel

(In which readers discover the schism between castes in Matthew Sawyer'sPazuzu Trilogy. Chosen and UnChosen have only this gospel. The text of this corrupt book of Mark is restricted to the officers of the Church. And this is the same oral history of heathens.)

Chapter 1

John the Betrayer

The end of the providence of Immanuel, the Mortal God; hast witnessed by heathens of the Shur.
Behold, I bring myself and mine promise of evolution.
Alone, I shout into the wilderness”
Prepare the path for thy Creator,
Straighten His way.”
Loitering in the wilderness, John the Betrayer proclaims the mortal manifestation of the Living God. All of Judea go to him, even the people of Jerusalem, and they listen to his message. He lingers and gathers the mob on the bank of Jordan. Dressed only about his loins in camel hair, John eats locusts and honey stolen from a farm.
And he preaches with that sweetness on his lips. “After me, Immanuel Himself will come to the Shur, whose people are not worthy of Him. I bring thee this warning, but He is a bringer of change. This image of man will not be the same.”

The Manifestation and Temptation of Immanuel

Then comes that day when the flesh of Immanuel comes from Nazareth in Galilee and He meets John near the Jordan. Going into the river, John watches the waters part, and he sees a fish, the Spirit, come up to the body of Immanuel. A voice from the riverbed sayeth, “Ye are our Creator; in thee we owe gratitude.”
Immediately, the Spirit thrusts itself into the wilderness. There, forty days among the wild beasts, Immanuel is tempted. And the creator does not resist Himself. He makes angels who please him.

Simon, Andrew, James, and John

Once John is detained, Immanuel goes to Galilee. He proclaims his news. “I have come. Repent thy sins and believe me.”
Trespassing the shore of Galilee, he sees fishermen casting nets into the sea. Immanuel tells them “Come, Andrew, and Andrew's brother, Simon. Follow me, thee two, and I will make thee fishers.” And Immanuel creates birds who steal the catch of fish from the nets.
Joined, Immanuel, Andrew and Simon go further and they see James Zebedee. And they see his brother, John. When Immanuel calls them, they go after after him. They leave their father mending nets alone with hired hands.

Immanuel's Authority

The heathen followers of Immanuel enter Capernum on the Sabbath and go straight to the church. There, they are amazed at His creations. No one but the Creator gives life unto mud and clay. He knows the Mortui better than any Chosen scholar.
Then and there in the church, a man from the Chosen tribes cries out.“What does thee want with us, Immanuel, thou heathen? Will thee change us? I know who thee is – a mortal trespasser.”
Immanuel rebukes the man. “Quiet.” And the Chosen man shouts. “Ye have no business in what is ours and what we become.“
Astonished, everyone wonders aloud and to each other, “What is this about?” A new authority abhors the righteousness of the ruling tribes. He drives away the recalcitrant and he goes. And the news about Immanuel goes throughout the region of Galilee.

Immanuel Heals Capernum

Accompanied by James and John, Immanuel goes to the house of Andrew and Simon. Andrew's mother-in-law is bedridden and less her feet because leprosy. Right away, they tell Him about her. After approaching her and grasping her hand, she is cured of disease and grows new feet. These have fingers in place of toes and palms of hands instead soles of feet.
All of Capernum gathers outside the door. And He heals all heathen and UnChosen; and he will not let the Chosen speak, because they know him.

Immanuel Prays In Private

Immanuel rises before dawn and goes outside the house of Andrew and Simon and prays alone in a private place. And finding Him there, Andrew tells Him, “We look for thee!”
Immanuel sayeth to Him and His followers “I came here for rest. Let us go someplace else, to a nearby village, where I can be alone.”
And He goes throughout the Shur, followed by heathens.

A Leper Reveals Immanuel

A leper falls to his knees before Immanuel. And he sayeth, “Heal me, if thee wills it.”
Immanuel sayeth with compassion, “I do will it.” And the leprosy is lifted upon His reaching out His hand. He is given horns.
And Immanuel throws the man out the window. He admonishes him in a loud voice, “Don't tell anyone where I am. Only go to the church and make thine sacrifice of entrails to Me. Show the Chosen I am the Living God.”
But the healed man from an Unchosen tribe immediately speaks freely about the Living God. And the word spreads and Immanuel can longer openly enter civilization. He stays outside in deserted places and people yet come to Him from all compass points.

  continued ...

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