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Monday, January 13, 2014

My Bad Relationship

I've gained nothing but negative criticism from Goodreads - that sinewy site for readers to find new books and write reviews. And I am heartbroken because the fact. Nevertheless, I try. I present an honest epitome of myself and hope for sympathy and understanding. I only wish folks at Goodreads recognize I'm the losing dog in this scrap - I've gone belly-up and I have my skull trapped in the jaws of you starving wolves. So, again, I plea and this time I write another biography. I have this now at Goodreads...

The only thing Goodread readers think about me and my stories are all those grammar errors in my original Pazuzu Trilogy and my Horrid Tales of Wister Town short stories. C'mon, already, always download the latest revisions – those now copyrighted 2014. Readers here just don't know me well enough. I feel they don't know me at all. The only other site on which I've met such hostile reactions is craigslist – and folks there seem to only enjoy short anecdotes about accidental homosexual sex. There is a history behind me – yeah, baggage. And I imagine, the literate just don't care. All readers want to do is 'want' to turn the page. I do, too. And that is why I make changes to my stories – I have no editors and the folks who volunteer to proof read my manuscripts either talk out their butt-holes or they are simply incompetent. And that is a judgment based on unproductive years of typos and shoddy vanity press editors. It is merely me against such odds, and Goodreads has been nothing more than enemy territory.

(Give the page at Goodreads a day or so to update itself - I just wrote the text today. Otherwise, you will read only a quote from Doctor Who.)

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